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Financial Education Partnership (FEP) International, an organisation committed to promoting financial education and literacy through partnership and co-operation in and across Africa. FEP International was established in 2008 but was officially registered and incorporated in Ghana in April 2011 as a company limited by guarantee.

If the global financial crisis has taught us anything, it is how integral financial services are to our everyday life. This is a compelling reason we can no longer afford to remain oblivious of financial training and education for all. Greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street have been blamed but FEP International believes that the collective failure of all to understand financial products, services and regulations cannot continue. We must build a better society, where corporate entities of all types would operate and seek to make profits with conscience.

To prevent or at least minimise the severity of future financial crisis we all have a moral responsibility to bring in a fair degree of transparency and fairness, more so those engaged in selling financial products and financial counselling and the ethical grid within which they are supposed to work. It is genuinely believed that the recent financial crisis is largely precipitated by rampant financial illiteracy or the lack of transparency or mis-selling of financial services and products; or simply many were ignorant of the financial risk they undertook. More»

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To engage global partners in creating financially responsible communities and making financial education accessible to Africa

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